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Google Easter Eggs (not the hoaxes, the easter eggs)

Hello! Today, I’m going to tell you about some of the most awesome Google easter eggs out there.

Type 1: Lucky Laughs

  1. Try Google in a different language!  Type xx-piglatin, xx-bork, xx-pirate, xx-hacker, xx-elmer, or xx-klingon into the search bar, and hit “I’m feeling lucky”!
  2. Feeling depressed? Type google gothic into the search bar, and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.
  3. Need a laugh? Type either “french military victories” or “find chuck norris” into the search bar, and click “I’m feeling lucky”.
  4. Want to play a game? Try “google easter egg”, and, you guessed it, click “I’m feeling lucky”

Type 2: Useless Units

  1. Type “97 horsepower in donkeypower” and hit return.
  2. Type “number of horns on a unicorn” or “the loneliest number” and hit return.
  3. Type “once in a blue moon” and hit return.
  4. Type “5 beard-seconds” and hit return.
  5. Type “1 smoot in meters” and hit return.
  6. There is also “2 Potrzebies”, ” 6 ngogns”, “7 blintzes in pounds”, and “a baker’s dozen”

That’s all for today! See ya’ later!