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Visual Basic – What is it?

For my first post on my blog, I am going to tell you about Visual Basic. Back before anyone had even heard of DOS (1964, if you must know), a programming language called BASIC was developed. BASIC was an acronym for Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. BASIC quickly became popular.

In 1991, ten years after DOS was first released, Microsoft developed an IDE for BASIC. This IDE was named Visual Basic.  Many versions were released. In 2001, Microsoft announced a new generation of Visual Basic: Visual Basic.net! This was a major shift from the previous version, Visual Basic 6.0, and many developers did not like the change. Since the original Visual Basic.net, there has been the following versions:

  • Visual Basic 2003
  • Visual Basic 2005
  • Visual Basic 2008, and now
  • Visual Basic 2010!

Each new version of Visual Basic added new features and enhanced old ones.  Many other “Visual” languages also were developed, including Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual J#, Visual F#, and others.  However, in my opinion, Visual Basic is the best for new developers and seasoned ones who want a break from hard-to-write code.  You can download Visual Basic 2010 for free here or learn more about the history of Visual Basic here.

I realize that this post was short, but I hope you learned anyway.  I will bid you adieu until next time.

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